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Power System Conference 2014

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Power System Conference 2014

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Power System Conference 2014

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Power System Conference 2014

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Link to the 2014 Papers published in IEEExplore

This is the thirteenth annual conference dedicated to power system issues associated with Advanced Metering, Protection and Control, Communication and Distributed Resources. This year's conference will be expanding on Advanced Metering, Protection, Control and Communication. The program includes a number of tutorials by power industry's leading companies in Protection, Control, Communications, Automation and Metering. All tutorials are available to registered attendees at no additional cost. Registration is required to attend tutorials, panel discussions and technical paper sessions.

Preferred topics include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Advanced Metering: automated meter reading with focus on practical utility applications and new technologies, metering applications in power quality monitoring, metering applications in SCADA systems, and metering system reliability
  • Distributed Generation: interconnection, protection and control
  • Energy Harvesting and Conversion
  • Energy Storage Devices and Systems
  • Energy Market, Policies and Economics
  • Micro-grids: energy management, energy storage
  • Power and Energy Engineering Education
  • Power Quality
  • Power System Analysis
  • Power Systems Control and Stability
  • Power Systems Communication: power line communications, wireless technologies, and applications in control, metering, and monitoring
  • Power Systems Protection
  • Power Systems Security: SCADA and EMS cyber security, physical security for facilities, cyber-security for protective relaying, regulartory compliance
  • Plug-in Electric Vehicles: charging strategies, grid interface and impacts
  • Synchrophasors in Power Systems:placement, wide-area monitoring, situational awareness, visualization in control rooms/centers
  • Wide Area Systems: monitoring, protection and control

Attendee Benefits

 (included in registration fee)
  • USB Drive Containing Conference Papers and Presentations
  • Catered Lunch during the Conference
  • Morning and afternoon drinks and snacks
  • Dinner banquet preceded by keynote speech
  • Attendees will recieve Certificate of Continuing Education Units (CEU) Upon Request
  • Plus other gifts