Real-Time Power and Intelligent Systems (RTPIS) Laboratory

Real-Time Small Signal Stability Analysis for Power Systems


Large power exchanges over long transmission lines are major contributing factors for oscillatory instability phenomena in power systems. Each power system has its own characteristic modes, which can be excited under stress conditions. When a power system lacks sufficient ability to damp out oscillations, it becomes prone to poorly damped or even growing oscillations under small disturbances. Furthermore, integration of huge amounts of renewable energy is going to increase the stress levels of the system and affect the modal behavior of the power system. Thus oscillation monitoring has caught the interest of many researchers and several techniques have been reported for the same. However, most of the current methods require a window of data for the online analysis. In other words, the techniques are online but not real time. In this project, real-time analysis involving monitoring and analysis concurrently is carried out. Real-time visualizations are developed to aid system operators in control centers.