Real-Time Power and Intelligent Systems (RTPIS) Laboratory

Microgrid Laboratory

The RTPIS Lab is developing a 100kW laboratory microgrid with hardware components. The proposed microgrid is composed of 40kW PV, a 30kW doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG), 30kW diesel generator, 20kWh battery energy storage, and over 80kW of critical and controllable loads; including EV stations that can perform charging and discharging. The microgrid can function in the classical grid-connected and islanded modes. A real-time simulation of the 100kW laboratory microgrid and several of such micro-grids are carried out on the real-time digital simulator (RTDSTM) to study the impacts of the growth of micro-grids on the distribution system. A real-time weather station has been installed on the roof of Riggs Hall, and in-house weather data visualization has been developed. Advanced control methods are developed for micro-grid and nano-grid systems.