Real-Time Power and Intelligent Systems (RTPIS) Laboratory

Distinguished Seminar Series

1.) Dr. Yumiko Iwafune, “COMMA House- Smart House for 2020″ and Dr. Takashi Ikegami, “Aggregated Residential Demand Response Model for Massive Renewables Deployment.”
RTPIS Lab Distinguished Seminar Series Fall 2015

2.)Dr. Zita Vale, “Demand Response in the Smart Grid: the Path Towards Widespread Consumers’ Active Participation.” July 23rd, 2015.
RTPIS Lab Distinguished Seminar Series Summer 2015
Seminar Slides

3.) Dr. Jung-Wook Park, “Operation and Planning of Zero-Inertia Stand-Alone Microgrid” and Dr. Seung-Mook Baek, “Parameter Optimization of Linear and Non-Linear Controllers in a Power System.” March 9th, 2015
RTPIS Lab Distinguished Seminar Series Spring 2015

4.) Dr. John T. Agee, Department of Electrical Engineering, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria South Africa: “An Extension of the Concept of Inherent Structural Characteristics of
Power Network and Applications”.
Seminar Slides